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Article: Indispensable accessories for your Leica camera

Unverzichtbare Accessoires für Ihre Leica Kamera

Indispensable accessories for your Leica camera

How to take good photos in bad weather

Enthusiastic photographers are not deterred by bad weather. Fog and water droplets often conjure up a very special atmosphere that, with the right Leica camera accessories, creates extraordinary images.

Dreamlike rain pictures

The equation that bad weather also means bad pictures is not true. Quite the opposite. Some things are best captured when the heavens open their floodgates. Many breathtaking motifs can only be staged in bad weather: dancing raindrops, gloomy storm clouds, treetops swaying violently in the wind, mystical wafts of mist or people seeking shelter from a sudden downpour.

Contrasts and colors often only show up really well in wet conditions with high-performance Leica photography equipment. This is especially true for natural objects such as wood, which reveal unexpected details when wet. Raindrops photographed against the light reveal a fascinating shine. Puddles of rain make great motifs for unique mirror images. Wet cobblestones can also create impressive effects. And what could be more beautiful than a rainbow photographed after a rain shower with the sun behind you!

Indispensable Leica accessories

The key to successful rain pictures is the right Leica photography equipment. Sealed lenses and cameras are particularly important in adverse weather conditions. A good rain outfit keeps the photographer dry and a high-quality lens hood protects the lens from drops. Other popular accessories for Leica cameras are camera covers that protect the camera from moisture. Landscape photographers appreciate small umbrellas that can be attached to the tripod in bad weather.

When it comes to important accessories for Leica in the rain, you should also have a cotton cloth with you. The usual microfiber cloths can be counterproductive in the rain, as they only spread the water on the lens. Cotton cloths absorb moisture much better. They can be used to carefully remove the drops. You can then use a microfiber cloth to completely remove any streaks from the lens.
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Other important tips

- A dry, soft cloth is also an indispensable Leica accessory if the camera has to cope with large temperature fluctuations. If condensation forms on the monitor, it should be wiped carefully and thoroughly.

- In the rain, it is advisable to check the front lens regularly. If you look through the viewfinder and the aperture is open, raindrops are often not noticeable. However, if the aperture is closed a little, they quickly become noticeable, which can cause a lot of work in post-processing.

- Make sure that no water gets into the camera when changing the lens if it is raining or snowing. This also applies to removing and inserting the battery and memory card. Moisture can cause malfunctions and, in the worst case, irreparable damage to the camera, the memory card and other Leica camera accessories.

- Exercise patience if it is very cold and the image on the monitor appears darker than usual when the camera is switched on! As the monitor warms up, it will soon return to its normal brightness level.

- Many indispensable Leica accessories require a protected storage location. For example, please do not store rechargeable batteries in a stationary vehicle at low temperatures for long periods in winter! Power is generated in lithium-ion batteries by means of internal chemical reactions, which are also influenced by humidity and the outside temperature. Continuously extremely low or high temperatures can have a negative effect on the maximum service life and service life of the rechargeable batteries.

- Please take care not to charge wet or damp rechargeable batteries. They may only be inserted into the camera when dry.

- If the battery runs out quickly, it may be too cold. It is best to warm it up in your trouser pocket, for example, and only insert it shortly before taking the picture.

- If the charging process takes a long time, this may also be because the battery is too cold. Charging should therefore ideally take place at room temperature.

- A battery that is too cold can also mean that the camera cannot be switched on in bad weather and low temperatures. Here, too, it usually helps to warm the battery briefly in your trouser or jacket pocket.

Caring for your equipment after bad weather

Once the outdoor assignment is over, you should take good care of your Leica photography equipment so that it is not damaged by the weather. First of all, wet photo bags must be cleared out in order to bring the camera and important Leica accessories into a dry place. Wet leather bags and rucksacks can also release tanning agent residues due to the moisture, which can damage the equipment if it remains in the containers for a long time. This can also be prevented by cleaning them out as soon as possible.

Before taking action, however, you should leave the Leica photography equipment in a less warm area such as the hallway for a while. If you unpack it directly in the warm living room, harmful condensation can form in the camera. After 30 to 60 minutes in moderate temperatures, this danger is averted. The camera and Leica camera accessories have adapted to the higher temperatures and can be taken out of the bag.

Any remaining raindrops can be dabbed directly off the camera. As soon as these have dried up, cleaning becomes much more time-consuming. You can now check all your Leica photography equipment for moisture and lay it out to dry. The camera bag or rucksack should also be completely dry before the next use.

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