Give your equipment a personal touch, as unique as you are!



A personalized product is something very special. Whether as a gift or for eternity - with a personal embossing you make a bag your bag!

The lettering or the initials are punched by hand into the leather by us. By heating the punched letters, the result is a beautifully deep, precise and slightly colored structure of the lettering. The result lasts a lifetime and does not fade thanks to the heating.

Personalization is only possible on some exclusive products, such as the SpreeTags and the Leather Title Holders.

How do I personalize articles at Oberwerth?

Very simple! Choose one of the exclusive items on this page and go to the product page by clicking.

There you will find a small field "Personalization" where you can enter your personal message. You will find the respective conditions on the product pages. You can preview your personalization on the respective product as many times as you want by clicking the "Preview" button. The surcharge for the personalization will be calculated automatically. Place your desired product in the shopping cart and you're done!

As soon as we have received your order, our professional fine embroiderers will immediately start personalizing your personal Oberwerth product.

Customizable products


Leather finishing in its most beautiful form

Leather embossing

Oberwerth personalization is a so-called embossing. This is the oldest and most popular type of leather embossing besides hallmarking (hammering in the letters without heat). For this purpose, a so-called branding iron is fitted with individual letters made of metal, heated and carefully burned into the leather.

Embossing with heat is certainly one of the most common and at the same time beautifully discreet types of leather finishing. Decisive for a beautiful result is the right temperature and the optimal contact pressure. We have optimized both in our process in painstaking detail for each leather individually. The pressure and heat produce a slightly raised and color-contrasting embossing, which, thanks to the perfect temperature, is retained for a long time in a particularly high-quality appearance.

This classic procedure guarantees a noble and discreet embossing - perfectly matching your Oberwerth bags and accessories! If you have any questions about personalization, us or our products, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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