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Oberwerth Watch Rolls

The perfect combination of luxury, functionality and German craftsmanship! Whether you own a single watch or are a passionate collector, our watch rolls offer you an elegant and secure storage solution for your precious jewelry. Each watch roll is handcrafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail to provide you with a product of unparalleled quality.



Discover the perfect symbiosis of craftsmanship, functionality and elegance with the exclusive watch rolls from Oberwerth! Specially designed for discerning watch lovers and crafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail, these watch rolls offer the ultimate protection for your precious timepieces.

Each piece is handcrafted from the finest luxury leather with a unique feel in deep black, while the velvety soft lining and sturdy attached cushions wrap your watches securely



Whether as a stylish companion when traveling or as an elegant eye-catcher on your dresser - the versatile Oberwerth watch rolls are always a highlight. Made from finely grained calfskin from our Luxury Line, they offer the perfect balance between supple softness and firm protection.

The removable, soft cushion, which is fixed in place with press studs, adapts flexibly to your watches and ensures optimum support and security even when you are on the move.

Oberwerth Watch rolls


Handcrafted from the finest luxury leather with a unique feel in elegant, deep black

Perfect protection

Velvety-soft inner lining and sturdily attached cushions provide optimum protection for your jewelry


Whether traveling or as an eye-catcher on the dresser, the luxurious Oberwerth watch rolls always cut a fine figure

Watch Roll L LuxuryWatch Roll L Luxury
Watch Roll L Luxury Sale price£382.00 GBP
Watch Roll M LuxuryWatch Roll M Luxury
Watch Roll M Luxury Sale price£344.00 GBP
Watch Roll XS LuxuryWatch Roll XS Luxury
Watch Roll XS Luxury Sale price£229.00 GBP
Watch Roll L LuxuryWatch Roll L Luxury
Watch Roll L Luxury Sale price£382.00 GBP
Watch Roll M LuxuryWatch Roll M Luxury
Watch Roll M Luxury Sale price£344.00 GBP
Watch Roll XS LuxuryWatch Roll XS Luxury
Watch Roll XS Luxury Sale price£229.00 GBP
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We use only the finest leather and the finest materials to meet your requirements

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Luxury Line

The finely grained calfskin is sourced from the most renowned tanneries in France and has an incomparably strong fiber structure. A double tanning process with vegetable tanning agents is used here and ensures a clever balance between suppleness and strength.

You can find out more about the individual types of leather here.



Oberwerth is an idea. A statement. A conviction.

Materials of the highest quality, outstanding craftsmanship, sustainability in production and responsibility for our environment - these are the values that drive us.

Watch roll

Extra Small

Our XS watch roll is the perfect choice for the style-conscious loner. This compact storage solution holds a single watch and protects it with luxurious vegetable tanned leather on the outside and soft suede on the inside.

Ideal for everyday use or short trips, the XS watch roll ensures your precious watch is kept safe and stylish.

Watch Roll


The S watch roll offers you the perfect compromise between compactness and functionality. With space for two watches, it is ideal for the watch lover who has a small but select collection.

Made from high quality materials and with a handcrafted finish, this watch roll guarantees the safe transportation and stylish storage of your timepieces, whether at home or on the move.

Watch Roll


For those who have a somewhat larger collection, our M watch roll is the ideal solution. It offers space for up to three watches and is as elegant as it is functional.

The M watch roll combines classy design with German craftsmanship and offers a luxurious way to safely transport and store your watches. Perfect for traveling or as a stylish accessory for your home.

Watch Roll


Our L watch roll is the largest in our collection and offers space for up to four watches. This spacious storage solution is perfect for the discerning collector who owns several valuable timepieces.

With its elegant design and high quality finish in vegetable tanned leather and soft suede, the L watch roll offers maximum protection and style for your watches. Ideal for traveling or as an elegant display for your collection.

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