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Article: Increase productivity with these indispensable office utensils

Die Produktivität steigern mit diesen unverzichtbaren Büroutensilien

Increase productivity with these indispensable office utensils

In today's fast-paced work environment, staying productive and focused is critical to success. Whether you work in a traditional office or from the comfort of your own home, having the right tools and utensils can make a big difference to your productivity and overall wellbeing. In this guide, we'll introduce you to the most important office essentials that can help you stay organized, focused and efficient, making your workday more enjoyable and successful.

Physical well-being

Since you spend a large part of your life at a workplace, you should make sure that you feel comfortable in your working environment. This doesn't just refer to teamwork or the areas in which you work, but also specifically to the physical workspace. Instead of a cold, barren and faceless office space, the workplace should reflect a little of your own personality and special preferences and interests.

For example, choose appropriate but comfortable clothing for work and decorate your workplace with art and houseplants to create a more personal and pleasant working environment. Sharing the space with these green creatures will not only make it seem cozier, but will also improve the air quality in the workspace. Also bring healthy snacks or your favorite tea, which can have a relaxing effect on stressful days. Ensure good ventilation, but also a comfortable temperature to work more relaxed.

Also install pleasant lighting, as this not only helps you to feel particularly comfortable at your workstation, but also reduces the strain on your eyes from looking at the screen for hours on end. This in turn keeps you fit and focused at work for longer. A good desk lamp with a light bulb that emits a pleasant yellow light is often the right choice here. These are also often found with adjustable brightness, which can provide additional comfort.

In order to be able to change your sitting position again and again during the mostly sedentary work in the office, you should purchase an ergonomically designed chair for your workplace as well as a height-adjustable desk. This can be used alternately sitting and standing, but a special standing desk is also a good alternative for working standing up. You should also get some movement into your working day and take short walks in between or consciously walk up and down during phone calls.

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For multitasking, but also for a healthier neck posture, the use of two different monitors at the workplace can be practical. You should also look into ergonomic keyboards and mice that take the strain off your wrists and fingers. Choose the model that best suits you and your personal way of working.

No distraction from noise

Whether your colleague is talking loudly on the phone in the next room, the printer is constantly spitting out sheets or there is another building site outside the window, you need peace and quiet to be able to concentrate on your work and focus on your own thoughts.

Distractions are unavoidable in any working environment, but a technical innovation has been promising a solution to the annoying noise problem for some years now: noise-canceling headphones can help to block out unwanted noises and create a concentrated workspace. Although these types of headphones were originally developed to allow you to enjoy music undisturbed, they also work fabulously without music in your ears. So on noisy days, you can simply disappear under your personal silence bell and get on with your work in peace.

Some people also like to work with relaxed background music to help them concentrate. Especially if there is background noise in your working environment, but you don't want to wear headphones all day long, such a musical background can be worthwhile. Classical music or soft guitar sounds are particularly suitable for this, depending on your personal preferences. Make sure that the noise level generated by your background music does not disturb your colleagues and invest in a good sound system, especially for working at home, so that you can enjoy the musical accompaniment to some extent.

Have everything you need to hand

Make sure that you have all the necessary work materials in addition to the right equipment. There's nothing more annoying than having to wait for hours until a printer or document scanner is free to complete a crucial work step. Especially in the age of digital working, it is becoming increasingly important to digitize receipts, contracts and other paperwork so that you can access them at any time and from anywhere. It is easier to store, organize and find documents electronically, which saves a lot of time and space, especially in the long term.

Fast and, above all, reliable internet is also essential these days and should be provided by the employer in the office. If you are working from home or on the road, you are responsible for this yourself and should ensure that you have the right internet quality for efficient work on the train or in a café by choosing the right provider and contract.

Work tidily

To keep an overview and not overlook any important information or invoices, you should create your own order on your desk. Whether it's a tray for incoming mail, a holder for pens or a stand for your phone or tablet, having a dedicated space for your most important items and subject areas can improve efficiency and productivity. There are a variety of specially designed work aids in the form of desk organizers to help you keep your desk tidy and organized.

To be able to work in an organized and clear manner in the digital space, work software can be practical. Such task management software starts with a simple app for to-do lists and extends to sophisticated project management platforms on which you can clearly organize the various work steps and coordinate them with other team colleagues.


It is often small steps that can bring about big changes in the workplace and help you to feel more comfortable in your own working environment and work more effectively. Have the confidence to ask for ergonomically designed seating or work equipment and make it clear to your employer that this will be used to increase your productivity. With so much time spent working, you deserve to feel as comfortable as possible!

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