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Article: More than just the basics: advanced packing strategies for the efficient business traveler

Mehr als nur die Grundlagen: Fortgeschrittene Pack-Strategien für den effizienten Geschäftsreisenden

More than just the basics: advanced packing strategies for the efficient business traveler

Is your next business trip coming up? Advanced packing strategies will help you pack your suitcase efficiently! Use our preparation and packing tips to make sure you don't forget anything essential for your business trips and travel light.

Use travel technology for planning

Before packing your suitcase, you need to plan your business trip. Only when you know exactly what you have to do during your trip can you pack your suitcase cleverly. Modern travel technology can help you plan your trip:

    • Platforms for virtual meetings: Apps such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet are a convenient way to connect with colleagues and business partners. It doesn't matter where you are. Plan your meetings, share screens and communicate in real time for optimal collaboration before and during the business trip.

    • Online calendar: A well-organized online calendar such as Google Calendar or Outlook is essential for your business trip. Use the functions for scheduling appointments, reminders and invitation management. This will give you an overview of your schedule and all important appointments during the trip in advance.

    • Travel management programs: Tools such as Expedia Business or TripActions are also useful. These allow you to organize and track flights, accommodation and other travel details. Features such as price comparisons, travel policy compliance and travel expense management contribute to optimal travel planning and reduce your costs.

By using these and other travel technologies, you can plan your business trips more productively. This enables a smooth process and perfect preparation. If you know exactly what to expect during your trip, you can pack more skillfully.

What goes in the suitcase?

After planning, it's time to pack your suitcase! And the motto here is: less is more.

You can find the right bag for your business trip in our Oberwerth Shop. Whether it's a classic laptop bagstylish business backpack or a practical weekender / suitcase inserts. Handmade from the finest leather and high-quality fittings with a lifetime guarantee. Take a look at our store and find the bag that suits you best!

The smaller the suitcase, the less you can

Business travel professionals opt for a small piece of luggage to ensure they don't pack too much. A high-quality hard-shell suitcase up to 55 centimetres in size is ideal. The advantage: you can take it on the plane as hand luggage. But such a suitcase is also sufficient for a short trip by train or car.

Smart packing with a capsule wardrobe

When packing a suitcase, many people think: "It's better to have than to have!" As a result, they pack a lot of things and then take them home again unworn. On a business trip, however, it is advisable to travel light. You can achieve this by opting for a capsule wardrobe:

    • Opt for a minimalist wardrobe.

    • Choose timeless individual pieces that are easy to mix and match.

    • High-quality basics in neutral colors that harmonize with each other are ideal.

    • Garments in a mix of white, black, gray, beige, khaki and/or dark blue have proven successful.

    • One or two accent colors are completely sufficient.

This minimalist wardrobe makes it easy to put together outfits without packing too many items of clothing.

The golden rule of suitcase packing

Get everything you want to take with you ready - and then it's time to sort it out. Use the "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" rule for this.

    • 5 sets of underwear (i.e. 5 pairs of socks and five pairs of underwear)

    • 4 tops

    • 3 pairs of pants or skirts

    • 2 pairs of shoes

    • 1 head covering (hat or cap)

This golden rule of suitcase packing applies to all trips of up to one week. If you are traveling for longer, increase the number accordingly.

How to pack your suitcase sensibly

Now that you know what to pack, the next question is how to

Avoid creases

Showing up at an important meeting with a creased shirt is a no-go. Fortunately, creases can be easily avoided using the rolling method:

    1. Place your tops face down.
    2. Fold the sleeves to the middle.
    3. Roll up the top from the bottom to the top.
    4. For pants, place the legs on top of each other.
    5. Then roll from the waist downwards.

Packing cubes are also ideal against creases. These are smaller bags that you can find in stores as a set in several sizes. You can pack your clothes in them compactly and organized by outfit.

Incidentally, materials such as knitwear and elastic fabrics hardly crease at all. And if you do have creases when unpacking? Hang the garment on a hanger in the bathroom. The humidity in the shower works almost as well as an iron.

To keep the collar of your shirts nice and stiff, the following tip will help: roll up the matching belt and place it inside the collar. This also saves space! Stagger shirts and jackets in the suitcase: the first shirt collar points downwards, the one above it points upwards.

Heavy things down, light things up

An important rule of thumb is to pack heavy items such as shoes or books at the bottom. The "bottom" refers to the end of the suitcase, i.e. where the wheels are. This helps to keep the luggage stable when you put it upright. It also prevents other items of clothing from being pressed down too much. Stuff your shoes with socks to preserve their shape and save space. Pack your shoes in a shoe bag or jute bag to protect your clothes from dirt. Alternatively, put shower caps over the soles.

On a business trip, you usually know in advance that the first meeting or dinner is due on arrival. Plan the outfit you will wear for this occasion at home. Pack it right at the top of your suitcase so that you have it ready to hand. This way, you can take a short rest after your journey instead of immediately unpacking your suitcase.

Valuables belong in your hand luggage

Finally, we have an important tip for air travel. Even if you check in a suitcase, all your valuables belong in your hand luggage. If your suitcase really does get lost, you can expect a maximum of 1330 euros in compensation. And this amount applies per passenger, not per item of luggage. One last tip: to be prepared in case your suitcase is lost or arrives late, pack an outfit in your hand luggage.

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