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Article: Focus on the Leica M10

Die Leica M10 im Fokus

Focus on the Leica M10

Leica is not just a brand or a manufacturer of cameras, but for many photo enthusiasts a completely different kind of photography, a conviction, an attitude to life. Probably the company's best-known cameras come from its famous M series, in which outstanding models with the usual precise Leica quality have been coming onto the market time and again since 1954. One of the most popular cameras of recent years is the Leica M10, which perfectly combines the modern capabilities of a digital camera with the feel of its analog predecessors from the last century. In this article, we will take a closer look at what special features this camera has to offer and what you should pay attention to when shooting with it in order to fully exploit the potential of the Leica M10.

A legacy of craftsmanship

The Leica M10 embodies the essence of the classic rangefinder camera, preserving the iconic design elements that define Leica cameras and have been cherished by generations of photographers. From the meticulously crafted metal body to the tactile precision of its controls, every aspect of the M10 exudes quality and attention to detail.

But it's far from just the aura and look of the camera that makes it popular with photographers from all over the world. Thanks to its robust design, the camera can also withstand unfavorable external influences such as rain, dust and weather. A particular feature of the M10 is that the camera is the slimmest model in the M series of all time and its dimensions correspond exactly to those of analog models in the series. Thus, despite its digital capabilities, the camera brings with it the feeling of photography that many photographers have grown so fond of with the analog Ms.

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The M10 is also equipped with extended ISO settings and can take good pictures in a range from ISO 100 to 50,000. In particular, the noise behavior has been improved, which now enables even sharper and noise-free images. The Leica M10 is also equipped with a special ISO setting dial so that the ISO settings can be quickly and practically adjusted to the ideal value when taking pictures.

A trademark of the Leica M10 is its intuitive and uncomplicated operation. With its analog-inspired controls and minimalist user interface, the M10 encourages photographers to focus on the essentials: Composition, exposure and timing. The manual focusing system, supported by the precise rangefinder mechanism, offers a tactile shooting experience where you can work intuitively and almost forget about the camera between you and the subject. This is helped by the M10's improved viewfinder, which offers a 30% larger field of view and 0.73x magnification, as well as greater eye relief.

Evaluation of the functions of the Leica M10

Despite its traditional façade, the Leica M10 is not lacking in modern functions and options that can make working with the camera much easier.

At the heart of the M10 is a 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that delivers exceptional image quality with rich colors, impressive dynamic range and remarkable detail reproduction. Inside the camera, its Maestro II processor ensures the exceptional image quality that you simply cannot fail to notice in this camera.

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables seamless integration with smartphones and tablets, allowing remote control, wireless image transfer and sharing of the most beautiful images on the go. In addition, the integration of an electronic spirit level ensures precise alignment and composition, which is particularly useful in architectural and landscape photography. Those who prefer a sporty approach and like to take action shots will appreciate the fast shooting frequency that the M10 is capable of. The camera can shoot up to 5 pictures per second and you can take your time after the action to pick out the best pictures of the action.

If you really want to get everything out of the camera that it has to offer for your own preferences, focus and personal style, you should take a close look at the camera's individualized favorites menu and find the special settings that are most useful to you. To make it easier to focus quickly and precisely with the M10, the camera has a very sophisticated focus peaking function and a good Live View zoom, which can be helpful in busy scenes in the middle of a big city in the genre of street photography, for example.

Beyond the spec sheet

While specifications and features are undoubtedly important considerations, the true value of a camera lies in its ability to inspire and empower photographers to realize their creative vision. In this respect, the Leica M10 is very much in the tradition of the M-series, designing the camera as a tool so intuitive and simple that it seems to become one with the photographer. This makes it possible to break down the barrier that a camera often creates between photographer and subject and to feel completely part of the action and particularly close to the motif. Whether documenting the streets of a bustling metropolis or capturing the tranquillity of a remote landscape, the M10 encourages photographers to push the boundaries of their craft.

Those who decide to upgrade from an older model to the Leica M10 will be particularly pleased that the camera is still compatible with many older Leica accessories as well as all of the brand's previous lenses. In some cases, a special adapter is required, but the investment is worthwhile in any case.


Overall, with the M10, Leica has succeeded in continuing the tradition of its simple, timeless and intuitive M-series cameras. The camera not only combines the feel of analog models with the advantages of a modern digital camera, but also shines with many good settings and features that are new to this model. As with other Leica cameras, however, it is not the data sheet that will ultimately tip the scales in favor of the M10, but the special feeling when taking pictures. This consists of a combination of precise and uniquely high-quality workmanship with the simple and robust design of the camera, which also fits ergonomically well in the hand. Ultimately, the magic of the M10 remains difficult to explain - you simply have to experience it!

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