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Article: The perfect travel bag: finding the balance between style, functionality and durability

Die perfekte Reisetasche: Das Gleichgewicht von Stil, Funktionalität und Langlebigkeit finden

The perfect travel bag: finding the balance between style, functionality and durability

Travel bags or weekenders are ideal companions for a short business trip or a short weekend break. They are lightweight and offer enough space for everything you need on short trips: a few outfits, a toiletry bag and perhaps a notebook or a camera. For many, the travel bag has long since become a more casual alternative to suitcases and trolleys. On the plane, it can be carried as hand luggage and saves annoying waiting at the baggage carousel. However, classy XXL bags and designer travel bags are no longer just used as stylish luggage. More and more men are also turning to this trendy men's fashion accessory for the office or the gym. Here, Oberwerth shows you everything you need to know to choose the perfect travel bag for you.

How to recognize a high-quality weekender

Weekenders are available as a counterpart to the leather briefcase in elegant business style or as more sporty variants. They all usually have a rectangular shape, a carrying handle and usually a flexibly adjustable, detachable shoulder strap as well as one or two outer compartments. The size or volume of classic travel bags hardly varies. Pay attention to the details of the bags to find the perfect combination of style, functionality and durability.

A look at the material

This is the most important difference between the elegance or sportiness of a travel bag. Leather gives the bag class and is always the first choice for a stylish appearance. Alternatively, you will see many designer travel bags made of nylon and some made of canvas. Both are better suited to sports or a casual look. However, canvas falls slightly short when it comes to the key material properties of a travel bag. These bags should always be made from a robust material that does not wear out easily. Here the point clearly goes to leather and nylon. Both are also very hard-wearing and resistant to ageing and temperature. Moisture does not penetrate and impregnation can even make the bags waterproof. While nylon always remains nylon, leather weekenders keep the option of a small luxury update open - for example with a fine, full-grain, soft cowhide leather. Grain leather is one of the highest quality leathers and the grain side makes this leather even more durable and tear-resistant than others.

Ideally, the inner lining of the bags should also be made of a robust material that is easy to clean. Inside and out, it is worth taking a look at the seams. Like the material, they are exposed to a lot of stress over time. They must therefore make a high-quality impression at first glance. The same applies to zippers, carrying handles and shoulder strap holders. Metals are much more resilient and durable than plastic, and a shoulder strap that is as wide as possible distributes the weight of the bag better when carried.

You can find the right bag for your business trip in our Oberwerth Shop. Whether classic laptop bagstylish business backpack or a practical weekender / suitcase inserts. Handmade from the finest leather and high-quality fittings with a lifetime guarantee. Take a look at our store and find the bag that suits you best!

To the color selection

Stylish leather luggage mainly comes in subtle, dark colors: the classics black and brown or grey and navy. All of them are timeless, always go well with a business outfit and don't look too over the top even in your free time. If you prefer something a little more eye-catching, go for a model with contrasting colored seams. Large prints or brand logos that are visible from afar are a matter of taste here, but will definitely make for an extroverted appearance. Caution: in some business cultures around the world, this does not go down well.

The question of size

For day trips, short trips or a long weekend, a travel bag size between 20 and 40 liters is usually sufficient. This is also the size of standard weekenders. You can also be sure that these bags will pass as hand luggage and you don't need to check with the airlines. For longer trips, medium-sized and large travel bags with a volume of just under 50 to 70 liters or more are suitable. Some of these models are available with wheels and a pull-out handle like a trolley. On flights, they have to be checked in as luggage, just like suitcases. In this case, a fully-fledged trolley offers clear advantages such as greater protection thanks to hard shells or built-in locks. However, suitcases also take up more storage space at home between trips than travel bags.

Compartments for organization and quick access

If you use a suitcase, you will regularly need additional luggage such as a stow-away bag or backpacks where you can store all the small items you might need while traveling. With a travel bag, there is no need for extra luggage. The bags always have at least one easily accessible compartment with a zipper on the outside. Take a quick look to see if it is big enough for everything you want to have to hand at all times. Inside, most bags also have one or two slightly larger compartments or another small one for valuables. The compartments are easy to reach between uses without messing up the clothes in the bag. Well-designed, high-quality travel bags offer even more. For example, they have a spacious side compartment that not only has room for small items - it can also hold a toiletry bag to freshen up on the go. Last but not least, a perfect weekender also has a padded compartment for a tablet or notebook. In some models, even a 16-inch device travels well protected at all times.

It is these and other details that make the perfect travel bag with style, functionality and durability.

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