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Article: Top 5 untouched places for nature photography

Top 5 unberührte Orte für Naturfotografie

Top 5 untouched places for nature photography

Who doesn't get envious or at least longing when they see pictures like those of the famous Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado from his late work Genesis? After a creative crisis caused by too much suffering and misery, which he had to experience and document in his photographic work, Salgado rediscovered his love of photography and hope. He traveled to untouched places to capture nature and people on film. But you don't have to travel to the Arctic or the Galapagos Islands to take good photos, even if these are undoubtedly photographic places of longing. Beautiful natural landscapes can also be found closer to home. For those who look closely, the local flora and fauna also have a few surprises in store that can make for great photos.

TheWadden Sea National Parks

"Oh I'm so longing, I'm losing my mind!" At least that's how the rock group Die Ärzte described their relationship with the Wadden Sea in the North Sea in their famous song "Westerland". And many a photography enthusiast may feel the same way when exploring this region and getting to know it better. There are plenty of remote locations for photography in this region and the Wadden Sea not only offers spectacular reflections and exciting bird species for nature photography, but also a constantly changing environment. The mudflats and salt marshes in the North Sea form an ecosystem that is unique in Germany, and if you're lucky, you might even get the odd seal or porpoise in front of your lens.

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Fischland, Darss and Zingst

If the North Sea is too wild for you, you can also find your photographic happiness on the Baltic Sea. Wait a minute, Baltic Sea and untouched, that doesn't go together, does it? Wrong! You can discover real gems of nature photography in this popular vacation region in the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park between Fischland, Darss and Zingst.

The region is worth a visit at any time of year, but you can take particularly great pictures during the deer rutting season between the end of September and the beginning of October. At the same time, the cranes, which migrate south for the winter, take a break here and provide particularly breathtaking motifs. It is not only the wild animals that are special here, as they are often not very shy during the day, so you can often get them in front of the camera in good light conditions. What is particularly exciting for photographers in this region are the spectacular backgrounds that the Baltic Sea offers in various places.

The Bavarian Forest National Park

This place could also be described as the place where wolves and lynx say 'good night' to each other. The Bavarian Forest National Park, one of the largest and oldest in Germany, offers these animals enough habitat to live undisturbed and naturally. Among the most popular motifs here are the seas of clouds billowing over the treetops in the morning or the park's beautiful, clear streams and lakes.

One of the few corners of the large nature park to be explored is the Dreisessel massif, which is located directly in the border triangle between the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. In this area, there are various difficult ascents that can be made, where you can enjoy unique views and take very special photos.

Saxon Switzerland

There are plenty of places for wilderness photography in the area bordering the Czech Republic and even though Saxon Switzerland National Park is generally well visited, there are always quieter corners for good photos. Particularly recommended for lovers of unspoiled nature far from the beaten track is, for example, the relatively new hiking route along the Forststeig through untouched natural areas of the region. Here you can easily spend a week hiking through the impressive landscape and camp in the cozy forest huts along the way.

Quiet spots can also be found on the Czech side of the park, which has slightly fewer visitors. On both sides, nature in the national park impresses with its spectacular rock formations, deep gorges and picturesque rivers. The most beautiful time of year to visit Saxon Switzerland National Park is certainly in the fall, when wafts of mist lend the landscape something absolutely magical. The leaves of the deciduous trees turning colorful during this time also provide special eye-catchers and lots of fun when taking photos.

The Berchtesgaden Alps

If you want to get to know the best places for nature photography in southern Germany, you shouldn't miss out on a visit to the Berchtesgaden Alps. The mountain landscape here shows its best side in idyllic surroundings: rugged cliffs alternate with green meadows and crystal-clear lakes sparkle in the alpine landscape. In early summer in particular, you can marvel at many rare flower species on a hike in the Alps, including a whole range of fairy-like orchids. In winter, the white sugared mountain peaks are impressive and you can hike through them undisturbed on skis or snowshoes. If you need a break in between, you will find generous hospitality in one of the mountain huts. The Königssee is quite busy, but if you go on a hike away from the main attractions, for example through the Wimbachgries, you will have much more time to take photos.


Great photos do not primarily depend on the subject, but above all on the craftsmanship and talent of the person behind the camera. Nevertheless, it is always nice to travel to very special places with your camera, to be enchanted and inspired by the special beauty and charm of the unknown. We often imagine unexplored destinations for nature photography to be exotic and foreign, yet popular destinations such as the Galapagos Islands themselves have long been developed for tourism. In contrast, you can find truly breathtaking nature and pristine landscapes almost anywhere if you search a little and don't shy away from the effort of hiking through rough terrain. From the North Sea to the Alps, there are plenty of great nature shots waiting for you!

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