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Article: Travel photography: Capturing the best impressions of your trip in pictures

Reisefotografie: Die schönsten Impressionen der Reise in Bilder bannen

Travel photography: Capturing the best impressions of your trip in pictures

Photos from a trip are not only used to share new experiences with friends and family in retrospect, but are also a memory aid for ourselves. After a trip, they allow us to return to the place we experienced and remember many small details that would otherwise quickly slip our minds. But the colorful pictures also shape our memories and can often be so decisive that after a few years we only remember what we have captured so clearly on them. The other experiences of the trip that were not captured on film, on the other hand, often blur and disappear over time. All the more reason to take a little time to immerse yourself in the world of travel photography and think carefully about what you want to capture and how you want to capture it in preparation for your next adventure.

A visual diary

There's nothing quite like being able to go back in your head after a trip with the help of your own photos and seeing what you experienced in a completely new light. To ensure that you don't forget the most important photos and motifs amidst the abundance of impressions that often accompanies such a trip, it can be worthwhile to think a little in advance about what you absolutely want to capture.

In order to plan ahead, for example, which places you should visit at what time of day to get the best possible light for your photos, you should take some time in the weeks before your trip to research your destination in more detail and plan possible photo motifs. You can be guided by your own interests and look specifically for iconic landmarks as well as scenic and cultural highlights at the destination that particularly attract you. To avoid just visiting the tourist hotspots, it can be exciting and inspiring to look for a good book from the destination before your trip and immerse yourself in it. In this way, you will develop a much more personal relationship with the new environment and can take much more individual pictures there.

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To ensure that the vacation photos really reflect everyday life on the trip, it can be interesting to apply the principles of a photo reportage. The number of photos can be flexible, but it is important that there is a dramaturgy, i.e. a beginning, a middle and a build-up towards the end. This form of telling stories with photos is particularly captivating for those who see the pictures afterwards and such a coherent series of photos also makes a pleasant change from the otherwise stand-alone pictures in a photo book. Truly unforgettable travel photography can only be created by those who succeed in conveying the actual atmosphere and emotions of the trip through their photos.

Telling stories through images

Good travel photography goes beyond mere snapshots of sights; it tells a story about the people, culture and landscapes you encounter along the way. Photographing strangers can be a real challenge, especially in a foreign cultural environment where you may not even speak the language, but it makes for by far the most impressive photos. For example, work in the style of street photography and pay attention to the interactions between people, their facial expressions, particular styles of dress and the nature of their encounters. Good locations for this type of photography include colorful markets or busy squares. If you would like to find out more about the art of street photography when traveling, you can find lots of practical tips in our blog post.

Creating authentic memories

In order to really capture genuine travel memories and not just replicate postcard and travel guide motifs, it is particularly important in travel photography to sharpen your eye for small details and practise conveying your own emotions through images. Light and color play a decisive role here. To do this, focus on details such as the flowers at a market or typical textures or special details on buildings before venturing into your own interpretation of the most important sights.

Some of the most memorable travel photos are snapshots that capture authentic moments and emotions. Whether it's a shared laugh with newfound friends, a quiet moment of reflection or a child's playful grimaces, these fleeting moments can often convey the true essence of one's travel experiences.

Technical tips for travel photography

Lighting plays a crucial role in photography, and this is especially true for travel photos. Pay attention to the quality and direction of the light and plan your shots accordingly. Early morning and late afternoon are often referred to as the golden hours, when the light is soft and flattering and ideal for landscape and portrait photography. Avoid the harsh midday sun whenever possible, or use it to your advantage to create dramatic shadows and highlights.

It is important for photographers to change their perspective from time to time so that they are literally carried away when looking at the photos and feel transported to the location and the events of the destination. To experiment with different perspectives, you can find inspiration in the animal kingdom, for example. What do the many city birds look like, for example, or how does the dachshund on a lead experience the market trip? Creativity pays off, so dare to try something new and unusual.

In general, the same rules of etiquette apply to travel photography as to other photo genres: treat your surroundings with respect, ask for explicit permission for photos of people and be sensitive to possible cultural differences compared to your usual surroundings. Another aspect that should not be neglected is your safety when taking travel photos. Find out exactly about the regions or districts where you want to take photos and ask the locals before you set off with your camera in your hand!


Travel photography offers a very special opportunity to take home the rich gifts of experiences you have had there after a trip, to enjoy them again and again and to share them with friends and family. Don't fall into the trap of only ticking off the most famous places and photographing exactly what can be found in every travel guide. Instead, immerse yourself in the place you are traveling to with all your senses, experience it genuinely and authentically and then capture this individual experience in your pictures. This not only ensures authentic and impressive travel photos, but also ensures that the trip becomes a real experience that you don't just experience through the camera lens.

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