Leather Care Hydro Plus Organic

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Organic Hydro Plus

Organic impregnation - cleaning - care: the 3 natural golden rules of leather care

With Organic Hydro Plus, you clean and protect your Oberwerth Hydro bags in an uncompromisingly natural way, while maintaining the leather's water-repellent pearl effect. 

The spray from the environmentally friendly pump bottle without propellant gas dissolves dirt from your bag, provides the leather with important moisture and then seals it to maintain the water-repellent effect of your Hydro bag.

The Organic Hydro Plus Spray contains natural bamboo extract, which prevents loss of moisture from the leather and naturally cares for your bag. Thanks to the innovative, natural composition, your bag will keep its high-quality look and feel like the first day.

To use, hold the bottle upright and spray the lotion onto the bag from a distance of about 20 cm. Spread the lotion with a soft cloth, the dirt will dissolve by itself.

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