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Article: Oberwerth camera bags: Comparison of different models

Oberwerth Kamerataschen: Verschiedene Modelle im Vergleich

Oberwerth camera bags: Comparison of different models

Off on a dream vacation with your favourite camera and a few really good lenses! But wait! How to transport these expensive items safely and practically? Many a photo enthusiast has already racked their brains over the right camera bag to suit themselves, their equipment and their travel plans. It is particularly difficult if you are not a professional photographer yourself, but are looking for a camera bag as a special gift for a loved one. With so many designs and options to choose from, it's easy to be spoiled for choice. Anyone who has opted for the elegant, practical and exceptionally high-quality camera bags from Oberwerth is already a good deal closer to finding a new, reliable camera bag. But here too, there is a large selection of models, each of which is tailored to specific needs and requirements. Here we present an overview of some of Oberwerth's most popular camera bags so that you can start to get a clearer picture in your search for your next favorite bag.

Practical messenger bags

Messenger bags such as the William, Harry and Sally or Louis camera bags from Oberwerth are particularly popular due to their practical nature. It is not without reason that these bags are reminiscent of a more modern and elegant version of what letter carriers used to carry letters in a hundred years ago. The compact shoulder bags are called "messenger bags" in their German translation and were developed for safe transportation and easy access to cameras and equipment.

What these bags have in common is their practical front closure with two shiny buttons, which have a particularly secure locking mechanism for the safety of your photographic equipment. They also have a specially padded inner lining to protect your equipment from damage caused by knocks or falls. The various models not only have different designs, but also different sizes, depending on what else you want to store in it in addition to your camera.

You can also find the right camera bag for your equipment and everything you need to protect your camera in our Oberwerth Shop. From classic camera bags to modern sling bags up to noble photo weekenders and backpacks. Of course you will also find hand straps and shoulder straps. Finest craftsmanship made from the best materials. Take a look around and find the bags & accessories that best suit you and your equipment!

Practical camera backpacks

Simple and elegant, the photo backpacks from Oberwerth impress with their understated style. While they look rather simple from the outside, the inside is quite something! With space for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, several lenses, accessories and personal items, models such as the Matterhorn, Everest and Rocky Mountains photo backpacks and the Q Backpack offer space for maximum versatility and organization. The padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps ensure good carrying comfort, while the robust material and high-quality workmanship ensure long-lasting durability.

If you prefer a practical bag but prefer it small and don't want to carry a whole rucksack, you should take a look at the attractive leather sling bags. With lots of practical pockets and a good layout, they promise to keep your camera and equipment close at hand. Their elegant design with the bright red lining also makes them a real gem!

Something for every taste

In addition to the classic Oberwerth models, the bags are also available in a whole range of other designs. The company is responding to the constantly growing demand for local, sustainably produced and vegan products with beautiful and durable bags made of rhubarb leather, which look confusingly similar to rough nubuck leather or fine smooth leather.

Oberwerth also has different product lines that correspond to very specific design aspects so that everyone can find what they are looking for. The Classic Line mainly includes the popular messenger bags, while the Casual Line features more sporty designs. The bags in the Hydro Line are distinguished less by their appearance than by their special leather, which is treated during the tanning process to make it naturally water-resistant for longer periods of time. Products made from this hydrophobic leather are not only ideal for traveling, but also for street photography, when you want to capture the great reflections and reflections in a rainy metropolis.

The bags in the Vintage Line are characterized by their shiny brown leather and traditional design and really do look a little like something from another era. And for die-hard Leica fans who prefer to work exclusively with this legendary camera, there is the Red Dot Line, which was specially designed with the needs and special features of Leica cameras in mind.

Many of the stylish camera bags are also available in a simpler and a luxury version, and you can often choose between different types of leather with different color nuances. In addition to these popular models, Oberwerth also offers a whole range of other bags as well as practical half-cases, camera straps and other photo accessories that can be a practical addition to existing equipment.

Feminine and elegant: the Kiki and Kate women's bags

If you are interested in one of the feminine designs from Oberwerth bags and love small but elegant things, the Kiki camera bag is probably the perfect choice. The practical, handy bag with its shoulder strap is particularly comfortable and ideal for all those female photographers who like to focus on the essentials in their work.

The Kate photo handbag is particularly versatile and does not reveal at first glance what expensive items it contains. The elegant shoulder bag can be used as a normal everyday bag and only becomes a real camera bag with the appropriate camera inlay. Then, however, it has the advantage of offering a lot of space so that you can also transport more extensive photographic equipment practically and comfortably.


If you are looking for a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing camera bag that you will enjoy for a long time and whose fine leather will become increasingly beautiful over the years, you are sure to find your happiness in the universe of Oberwerth bags. There is something for every taste and requirement and there is hardly a better gift for amateur and professional photographers than one of these practical and durable bags. Depending on which camera you prefer to work with and what lenses and other accessories you want to have with you, the choice of suitable camera bag will also depend. When looking for the best model for your work, you should first be clear about your specific requirements and then simply be enchanted by the timeless elegance of our Oberwerth bags.

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