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Article: More relaxed photography when traveling with Oberwerth products

Entspannter fotografieren auf Reisen mit Oberwerth-Produkten

More relaxed photography when traveling with Oberwerth products

Going on a trip with your camera and being able to visit and capture on film iconic places you've been dreaming of for a long time is an exciting adventure that all photography enthusiasts are sure to enjoy! In order to be able to devote yourself fully to the new impressions, challenges and contacts on the trip and to be able to go exploring safely and comfortably with your camera, you can prepare yourself for some of the possible challenges for the camera and equipment before the trip. A good, sturdy and reliable camera bag should always be part of the package. In addition to their outstanding quality, Oberwerth camera bags also impress with their elegant and timeless design, which will prove suitable in any situation and for a wide variety of occasions.

Quality as a unique selling point

Anyone who loves photography and pursues it extensively as a hobby, or even makes a living from it, usually quickly realizes that no compromises should be made when choosing the right camera. In order to be able to capture unique impressions and authentic moments, you should not only know your camera inside out, but above all be able to absolutely rely on its quality and usability. The same applies to all the necessary equipment and one of the most important pieces of equipment for any photographer - the camera bag.

You can find the right camera bag for your equipment and everything you need to protect your camera in our Oberwerth Shop. From classic camera bags to modern sling bags up to noble photo weekenders and backpacks. Of course you will also find hand straps and shoulder straps. Finest craftsmanship made from the best materials. Take a look around and find the bags & accessories that best suit you and your equipment!

At Oberwerth, we work with the best quality in mind to give our clients a very special photo experience. To achieve this, we produce locally and sustainably, combining natural materials with innovative working methods and a timelessly elegant design. The unique quality that is at the heart of our work is repeatedly highlighted by customers and goes particularly well with high-quality photo products such as Leica cameras. In addition to timelessly elegant leather bags, Oberwerth also offers other photo products such as half cases for cameras or practical camera straps. Comfort and safety when carrying our bags are particularly important to us and we are always looking for innovative details that make our products even better for photography while traveling.

"You experience quality with all your senses.
You can see it, feel it and even smell it"

Comfort and convenience at its best

If you work with your camera at events or only take it for a short walk now and then, a simpler model will certainly suffice as a suitable camera bag. However, if you carry your camera around with you more often or even want to take it on a trip where it will be your daily companion, you need to consider the question of how comfortable your new camera bag should be. The basic question here is whether you prefer to carry a bag or even a rucksack for outdoor photo adventures.

The second step is to consider the different models and their ergonomic characteristics. Our Oberwerth camera bags and straps, for example, are ergonomically designed so that they distribute the weight evenly and thus avoid one-sided or excessive strain on the shoulders and back.

Not only the comfortable feeling when carrying the bag, but also the well thought-out and cleverly designed compartments of our bags ensure more comfortable photography when traveling. The special layout allows you to quickly take out lenses, change them and stow them away again safely, giving you more creative freedom when taking photos. As we take the safety of your photographic equipment seriously, all compartments are also specially padded to absorb possible shocks during transportation. The adjustable dividers ensure customizability and allow for consistently practical photography with different photo equipment.

Stylish and sophisticated design

In addition to their practicality, Oberwerth products are also known for their timeless elegance and refined design. Made from high-quality leather, durable interior materials and fine fittings, Oberwerth camera bags and straps exude a sense of understated luxury and make the perfect addition to any travel wardrobe. Whether on a stroll along the Champs-Élysées or an extensive hike through the mountain landscapes of Patagonia, your Oberwerth bag will adapt perfectly to any occasion. The understated, elegant design ensures a discreet but extremely elegant appearance, no matter where your journey takes you.

Durability and reliability

Nothing can spoil a wonderful day's travel like being let down by technology at the crucial moment and not being able to capture and remember the best impressions. Reliability is therefore the be-all and end-all of photographic equipment, especially when traveling. From many years of experience, we know the most important requirements for photo bags and travel straps and develop all our products with a special focus on durability and reliability. This is how we ensure that Oberwerth camera bags are a good travel companion for many years to come.

The right Oberwerth bag for every occasion

As varied as the destinations and activities during a trip can be, so too are the demands on the photographic equipment and the camera bag that should accompany you on your journey. Whether it's a water-repellent model, one designed for safety with particularly secure closure mechanisms or an elegant model for a city trip, the wide range of Oberwerth camera bags has something for every occasion and every taste. If you want to find out more about the different models and their special features, you can find out more in a recent article on our blog.


Many a photography enthusiast dreams of a photo trip to one of the most beautiful and impressive places in the world. To ensure that the trip is a success from start to finish and can be fully enjoyed and exploited, you should take a little time to prepare for it and consider your own requirements in terms of photographic equipment. Our timelessly beautiful Oberwerth bags can be an elegant, practical and durable companion on your trip. Their ergonomic design, which ensures comfort all day long, and their versatility, which is made possible by the individually adjustable compartments, are particularly practical when traveling.

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