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Article: The ultimate luxury travel guide for the hyper-successful man

Der ultimative Luxus-Reiseführer für den hypererfolgreichen Mann

The ultimate luxury travel guide for the hyper-successful man

As a hyper-successful man, you have seen and achieved everything. This also applies to vacations. If you want to take some time out today, reward yourself for a good deal with a few days away or invite friends on a little trip, it has to be something special: the most extraordinary destinations and top-class experiences from start to finish. Are you looking for the ultimate luxury travel guide? You'll find it here. You've earned it.

Off to the hottest destinations and locations

The world's rich and famous have their favorite meeting places around the globe: from Aspen, Colorado for skiing to Bora Bora in the South Pacific for swimming. In between, you can go shopping in New York with a few days of relaxation in the nearby Hamptons or to Dubai in one of the world's most luxurious hotels and resorts. For a short weekend getaway, there are also exclusive destinations in Europe, such as the classics Saint Tropez in summer or St. Moritz in winter. Or how about a party at the Billionaires Club in Sardinia? A healthy alternative on the doorstep: the Lanserhof Health Resort on Sylt. Here you can take a cardio check-up from top doctors or boost your personal development with Kagami golf. Ultimate luxury travel guides show you what else you shouldn't miss around the world - for example the Luis Vuitton City Guide or Nota Bene. The Nota Bene travel guides are not even available in the best bookshops in the world. Only members of an exclusive club get them, along with the latest tips, on a members' website. Here you are in the best company with superstars such as Mick Jagger or Gwyneth Paltrow when traveling the world.

You can also find the right camera bag for your equipment and everything you need to protect your camera in our Oberwerth Shop. From classic camera bags to modern sling bags up to noble photo weekenders and backpacks. Of course you will also find hand straps and shoulder straps. Finest craftsmanship made from the best materials. Take a look around and find the bags & accessories that best suit you and your equipment!

Travel like the sheikhs and superstars

Charter is the magic word to reach any place on this planet comfortably and discreetly. Order a luxury limousine or a VIP shuttle to take you directly from your home to a private jet. There's no need to wait in long queues to check in for your flight. Have your limousine driven up directly to the private jet terminals worldwide and just a few minutes later you can lean back in the finest seating on board and let yourself be pampered with catering as you wish. For city trips in Europe, you will find small light jets or you can charter an ultra-long-range private jet such as the Bombardier Global 7500 for a trip around the world. This aircraft will fly you non-stop around 14,000 kilometers across oceans. On the way, you can take a shower or sleep in for a few hours in a king-size bed. You will find even more space and luxury at maritime destinations with a yacht charter. Elegant sailboat, fast-paced speedboat or a 100-metre-long mega yacht: enjoy the sun and sea like a billionaire off the world's most beautiful coasts. Nothing is missing on board. The crews will pamper you around the clock on deck or get jet skis and diving equipment ready for you on a water platform. The hyper-successful man of the world spends extraordinary beach vacations here - or takes a yacht as a base for visiting top events such as the legendary Formula 1 race in Monaco. After all, anyone can book a hotel room.

The ultimate luxury travel guide for hotels

At sea, on land or in the air - organize your travel equipment in style with Oberwerth business bags and luggage. In the best hotels in the world, helping hands will of course take all your luggage from you as soon as you step out of your limousine. Ultimate Luxury Travel Guides show a selection of these high-end hotels. In 2023, the list of the World's 50 Best Hotels was also presented in London for the first time. The frontrunner can be found in Italy on Lake Como - the Passalacqua, a family-run villa hotel from the 18th century with just 24 rooms. To stay in the hotels in places two to five, you will have to charter a jet to Asia. These luxury accommodations await you in Hong Kong, Bangkok or Tokyo. An entire luxury world tour can easily be organized along the rest of the list. This will then take you through other major cities or to natural paradises such as the jungles of Mexico and the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Clubs and restaurants for the hyper-successful man

The best hotels in the ultimate luxury travel guide also boast top-class gastronomy and serve everything, including fine wines, in their suites. However, to be included in the World's 50 Best Restaurants, you need to travel to a few more destinations. However, such detours are no problem in a private jet and even when traveling in Germany, a few world-class gourmet temples await. The only thing missing for the perfect end to a day or the finale of a luxury vacation is a world-class drink. These are served in the World's 50 Best Bars. They know what the hyper-successful man wants. They don't just serve him the finest spirits and unusual ingredients or recipes in a simple glass. These bars skillfully stage their flagship drinks and turn every order into a happening with plenty of conversation topics for the next small talk on the golf course. If a chauffeur and limousine are waiting outside the door, there may be one or two more. In these bars and clubs, as in upscale hotels or on board yachts and jets, you will always enjoy a priceless extra on luxury trips - discretion and privacy. Just like in Las Vegas: What happens here, stays here.

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