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Article: 5 reasons why professional photographers choose Oberwerth

5 Gründe, warum sich Profi-Fotografen für Oberwerth entscheiden

5 reasons why professional photographers choose Oberwerth

Made by hand - for the love of photography: the young Koblenz-based manufacturer Oberwerth has dedicated itself to this principle. Many professional photographers now rely on this brand, which focuses on high-quality photo bags in addition to everyday, travel and notebook bags. Oberwerth's range for professionals includes accessories for protecting the camera and equipment accessories. These include half cases for Leica cameras and customized protective covers.

The reason why Oberwerth is so interesting for professionals also has to do with the production location. All of the Koblenz-based manufacturer's models are made entirely in Germany. The quality standards are high. This can be seen, for example, in the seams of the camera straps, which do not have any annoying protrusions. A special plastic tape is sewn in by hand, which gives the leather even more tensile strength and tear resistance without any visual impairment. The straps, as well as all other product lines, benefit from the know-how of experienced fine stitchers, whose dexterity and precision are clearly superior to any industrial production method. Professional photographers choose Oberwerth precisely because of the excellent quality of workmanship and careful selection of leather that only genuine craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing methods can provide.

You can also find the right camera bag for your equipment and everything you need to protect your camera in our Oberwerth Shop. From classic camera bags to modern sling bags up to noble photo weekenders and backpacks. Of course you will also find Hand straps and shoulder straps. Finest craftsmanship made from the best materials. Take a look around and find the bags & accessories that best suit you and your equipment!

The special guarantee conditions also make Oberwerth so popular with professionals. Once the product has been registered, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on Oberwerth bags and a five-year warranty on half cases once the statutory dealer warranty has expired.

Why choose Oberwerth: 5 good reasons

The increasing popularity of the manufactory is based on several pillars. If we look at the decision-making process of buyers in detail, five frequently cited reasons for choosing Oberwerth emerge.

1. the leather: robust, lively and durable

One of the most important advantages of Oberwerth is the high quality of the leather used. The full-grain cowhide leather, for example, is tanned in such a way that grain injuries or natural unevenness lend the products liveliness and individuality. The smooth cowhide is particularly soft and supple.

Professional photographers also choose Oberwerth because of the vegetable tanning process used here. In this tanning method, the hides are treated with vegetable tannins. This type of leather production has been practiced for thousands of years and is one of the reasons why Oberwerth is of particular interest to professionals. The leather produced in this way has more body and character, which is particularly important in bag production. If leather is vegetable-tanned, it also ages better and acquires a beautiful patina over time. The smell is also impressive, because vegetable-tanned leather smells really good.

2. natural tanning without harmful substances

The harmlessness of this leather is also one of the advantages of Oberwerth. The vegetable tanning process does not require any heavy metals such as chromium salts or other harmful materials. The soft rhubarb leather used for the neck pads of camera straps is also produced sustainably. For professional photographers, this is one of the reasons for choosing Oberwerth. Because the camera strap in particular often comes into contact with the skin. The low-pollutant tanning process using the natural ingredients of the rhubarb root is particularly important here. Rhubarb leather, which bears the quality seal of the European Foundation for Allergy Research, is very skin-friendly and breathable.

The manufacture's vegetable-tanned, hydrophobic leather is also characterized by the gentlest possible processing. Many professional photographers choose splash-proof camera bags from this hydro series, whose leather is particularly stable. It exhibits a so-called lotus effect when it comes into contact with water, making it highly water-repellent, but at the same time soft and lively.

3. sophisticated design

Further advantages of Oberwerth concern the design of the leather products. For example, the leather half cases have perfectly shaped handles. The versions with opening flaps in the base of the case allow easy access to the memory card and battery. The timelessness of the products is also one of the reasons for choosing Oberwerth. This can be seen in the photo backpacks, for example, with their timeless design, authentic look and well thought-out ergonomic fit. Additional compartments on the side of the compact yet spacious backpacks offer space for a smartphone, wallet and other personal items.

4. practical and multifunctional

The multifunctionality of the popular backpacks makes Oberwerth particularly interesting for professionals. The Matterhorn photo backpack, for example, can be transformed into a business or travel backpack as required. If you don't need your camera equipment at the moment, you can simply remove it completely using the backpack's inner pocket. Professional photographers can therefore choose several functions with one model and can use the good piece for travel or business trips.

5. protection and safety at a high level

"Why choose Oberwerth?". The answer to this question also has to do with extra protection for high-priced cameras. The protectors from the Koblenz-based manufacturer reliably protect the camera from damage caused by carelessness or minor falls. Thanks to the sophisticated design of the Half Cases, the user can freely access the controls and the compartments in the base. The manufacturer's hand straps, which are also tanned without harmful substances, prevent the camera from accidentally slipping out. Their safety ring fits all standard camera models.

The photo backpacks have also been designed with optimum safety in mind. The removable inner pocket has soft padding that can be individually adjusted and ventilates the back section well. It reliably protects photographic equipment from the weather and damage. The practical storage function of the equipment after use is another of Oberwerth's advantages. The protected inner part of the rucksack can be removed at home to store the equipment safely and protected from dust.

The high-quality lens covers are another important reason for choosing Oberwerth. The lint-free felt fits the lenses like a protective glove and protects them from scratches, dust and dirt.

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